Stemy’s software solves the problem of electric system balancing through innovative demand management.

Enabling the energy transition

We make demand flexible to match supply in real time, giving consumers the opportunity to have an active voice in the energy transition.

Traditional balancing

Traditionally, the electricity system is balanced by increasing supply to meet demand when required. Energy generators that can offer flexibility are then rewarded by the system operator for helping to maintain a balanced grid.
With the transition to renewable energy, this model poses challenges as renewable sources of electricity are less flexible than traditional power stations.

New necessary balancing

Renewable energy sources are inflexible and unpredictable, which makes balancing the electricity on the demand side critical.
Stemy enables real time demand flexibility, allowing consumer demand to match supply and giving consumers the opportunity to have a voice in the energy transition.

Stemy Power Plant

Through cloud based artificial intelligence, Stemy’s software pools together energy consumers.

  • Stemy is the first to have developed a scalable and efficient solution with no comparable direct competitors.
  • Flex Community is an energy cloud solution with artificial intelligence that manages energy consumption in real time.
  • Stemy pools together a diverse range of consumers to achieve scale and variety in consumption patterns, allowing for optimisation.

Consumption Sources

Stemy is hardware agnostic and offers a solution for both digital and analog consumption sources.

Digital consumption sources

Stemy cloud solution connects via the Internet to any digital source of energy consumption, understanding its consumption pattern and its potential energy demand. Examples: solar panels, batteries, electric car chargers, heating/AC systems, factory/ building power management systems, etc.

Analog consumption sources

Stemy also develops specific hardware to connect to analog resources of energy consumption, thus increasing its reach. Examples: electric radiators, water pumps, water heating, A/C, etc.

Advantages for all

Stemy’s proven operating model delivers significant advantages for users and outstanding economics.

For users

Average bill savings for Stemy users.

For governments

Reduction in carbon emissions with positive externalities on the grid valued at 2B€ in Spain and in the United Kingdom.

For investors

Operating margin of Stemy when run at scale.

For growth

Strong scale and network effects as costs increase slowly while grid rewards are boosted by scale.

Understanding the benefits

Stemy’s software is well positioned for the current energy transition, with stringent sustainability targets in place across Europe.

Assisting the substitution of polluting energy sources in favor of renewable, less flexible, resources.

Strong focus on energy efficiency and ESG targets.

Increasing electrification of energy resources including cars and heating.

Stemy has already proven a successful track record

  • Solution tested and optimized in the real-time market.
  • Validated energy savings for users and carbon emission reductions.
  • Diversified portfolio of satisfied users served and growing interest from distribution channels.

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