What we do

Stemy Energy’s mission is to reduce energy bills of end-users, reduce their carbon footprint and promote a more sustainable energy system.

We use complex artificial intelligence to manage energy resources more efficiently, bringing together consumers in electricity markets as if they were a power plant, helping to make the electricity system more sustainable.

The Benefits

Building a more sustainable world is what drives us, and at Stemy we believe it is essential that we work together to make it happen. Here are some of the benefits of joining the Flex Community.


We monitor your energy use so you can understand how and when you are consuming energy.

Save money

We optimise your energy consumption, reducing your bill.

Reduce CO2

We help to reduce your carbon footprint by prioritising the use of renewable energy.

Help balance the electricity system

We make energy demand more flexible, helping to keep the system balanced when renewable generation increases.

Flex Community App

Understand and manage consumption wherever you are.

  • Easy to use
  • Access all your consumption data.
  • Remotely control all your energy resources.

Solutions for residential, commercial and industrial users

We have developed a wide range of devices designed to control energy consumption in both homes and businesses, from domestic heating and hot water to commercial pumping, filtering, refrigeration or air conditioning. Stemy can design a solution for almost any business.

Solutions for collective self-consumption and energy communities

Our Flex Community is the pioneering CRM system in the electricity sector designed to manage communities. It offers a real time monitoring solution for consumers and the community, sometimes without the need for any installation on the customer side.

Flex-ready devices

Stemy offers a comprehensive solution covering both analogue and digital energy resources that connect you to the Flex Community.

Start building a more sustainable future

You are one step closer to becoming an active part of the energy transition. Are you ready to take off?